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Docks of New York

Director: Josef von Sternberg Run Time: 76 min. Format: Digital Rating: PG/NR Release Year: 1928

Docks Of New York is a LIVE SOUND CINEMA event featuring a live score by GUIZOT.

Light and shadows play with human nature on the docks of New York when a blue-collar worker saves a young woman from drowning.

New York is not only the backdrop of this classic silent film but an integral character, showing us the landscape of back-alleys and flop-houses of the New York waterfront working class in the 1920s. During a brief shore leave, “roughneck stoker” Bill Roberts (George Bancroft) dives in to save a young dance-hall girl named Mae (Betty Compson) from drowning. Sadly, the poor weary Mae, who’s probably seen and done too much, was actually trying to kill herself. Bill falls hard for her but, as in life and love, things get overly complicated.

Guizot: Clifton Hyde (Guitars, Mandolin, & Composer), Chris Komer (French Horn), Grant Zubritsky (Bass), and Rich Stein (Percussion).