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Poster for Doghouse
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Director: Jake West Run Time: 89 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR Release Year: 2009

Starring:  Christina Cole,  Emil Marwa,  Lee Ingleby,  Neil Maskell,  Noel Clarke,  Stephen Graham, Danny Dyer, Terry Stone

Six men are coming to town….one’s getting divorced….but they’re all in the DOGHOUSE!

In the tradition of other great UK comedy horror films like Shaun of the Dead and Severance comes Jack West’s Doghouse. Six men with mid-life anxiety set out for a weekend in the country in an attempt to reconnect with their masculinity. What they find is a catastrophe so horrible and bizarre that a mid-life crisis turns out to be exactly what they need to survive it. The battle of the sexes just got bloody!

Part of Nitehawk’s November UK MODERN HORROR midnite series.