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Poster for Dust


Director: Adam Dugas, Casey Spooner Run Time: 71 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2013

Starring: , Adam Dugas, Cody Critcheloe, Danny Fischer, Holly Woodlawn, Jaimie Warren, Katie Rayle, Peggy Noland, Shannon Michalski

ART SEEN presents a special screening of DUST with filmmakers Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner in attendance!

A New American Film by Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner, DUST is the story of an eccentric family in crisis. Unable to move forward or functionally communicate, three change-averse siblings collide with their older brother and their own myopic worldview with comic and tragic results. Casey Spooner is an artist and performer who co-founded the art-pop project Fischerspooner with whom he has released three full-length albums, exhibited artwork in museums and galleries, and toured the world extensively. Adam Dugas is an actor, writer, producer, and director based in New York. Among his theatrical productions are Chaos & Candy and Dueling Harps. “In the tradition of early John Waters films, and Warhol’s Paul Morrissey Factory films, DUST defines its own era by reveling in and rolling around in the 21st century, its sadness, its audacity, it’s flashpoint laugh-out-loud directness.” – Michael Stipe, Producer.