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Eaten Alive

Director: Tobe Hooper Run Time: 91 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1977

Starring: Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Burns, Robert Englund

Willfully weird and wonderfully bizarre – the bayou-tiful EATEN ALIVE is a rotting rose that by any other name is still way whacked-out! Claustrophobic and uncomfortable – unsettling and unrelenting – Hooper hops up his hallucinatory horror with garish glee. And the Japanese subtitles on this rare 35mm print only add to its peyote-drenched-dream otherworldliness…

Fresh off the breakout success of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, Hooper took his new-found fame and kinda fortune – with a bigger budget and an “all-star” cast – then served up this slice of sweaty shock-schlock insanity! Instead of going bigger and slicking things up, Hooper drives EATEN ALIVE head-first into a fantasia of fake-ness that veers near to the realm of Avant Guarde Theatre…Or the stuff of never ending nightmares!