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Electric Dreams

Director: Steve Barron Run Time: 95 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG Release Year: 1984

Starring: Lenny Van Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Maxwell Caulfield and Bud Cort’s voice as “Edgar!”

May all your dreams come true with The Deuce and the energetic tech-centric ELECTRIC DREAMS –  “A Fairytale For Computers”!! It’s FOOOOR computers!! And aren’t we all?? A toe-tapping overly prescient pre-AI PC pop-packed love-triangle between doofus dude, the classy, sassy cellist upstairs, and doofus dude’s jealous computer!

Milquetoast-y architect Miles tries his tech-inept hands at getting organized by purchasing a brand-new PC to some preposterously disastrous results… ie: his self-named suddenly sentient computer “Edgar” has taken it upon “himself” to ruin his master’s romance with said sexy cellist and win her for “himself”!! Packed to the giga-bytes with a Giorgio Moroder score and some gloriously 80s tracks by the likes of Culture Club and Heaven 17!!  With now-common technologies that must have seemed pure sci-fi speculation to the 1984 Movieland thick-heads! Melt your mind with ELECTRIC DREAMS!!