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Enemy Territory

Director: Peter Manoogian Run Time: 89 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1987

Starring: Gary Frank, Ray Parker Jr, Tony Todd, Stacey Dash, Frances Foster, Jan-Michael Vincent

September’s gonna be a sizzler – when The Deuce takes you deep into.. ENEMY TERRITORY!!

Blasé by-the-books insurance broker finds his doofus white-privilege derriere in a panic when his money-grubbing groveling gets him trapped in a terrorized NYC housing project… lorded over by Candyman Tony Todd’s “The Count” and his ghoulish gang of murderous minions – “The Vampires”!! When said in-danger derriere is somewhat saved by “who-ya-gonna call” Ray Parker Jr.’s telephone repairman and a rag-tag mix of fed-up-with-The Vampires misfits (including the shut-in wheelchair-bound bigot survivalist ‘nam vet, Jan-Michael Vincent!) barriers such as race, socio-economic disparities and the like – all begin to dissipate… and give way to… Community! Communication! Compassion! Humans bonding in the face of shared peril!! And boy does that get The Vampires all in a tizzy!! It’s ballistic!! Full of ball-breaking bravado!! Taut with tension!! And TENDER!!

An atypical entry in producer – Empire Pictures/Full Moon magnate – Charles Band’s mammothly miasmic filmography: well-written – with an actual character arc – and shot with style and energy by Spike Lee’s longtime DP Ernest Dickerson – eschewing the usual Band ballyhoo of micro-budget monsters or “special” effects for a more true-grit… ENEMY TERRITORY could allllmost be considered an “A-pic” by comparison – were it not for its gloriously grindhouse-y giddiness!!

Join The Deuce in ENEMY TERRITORY – aka Times Square’s Selwyn Theatre – this September – and see if you can survive the night!!