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Poster for Everything is Stories w/ Blood Simple.
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Everything is Stories w/ Blood Simple.

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Run Time: 121 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1984

This year, the Tribeca Summer Series moves away from documentary to focus on up-and-coming short filmmakers who premiered at Tribeca this year who have been asked to select a feature the inspired them with directing their short film.

Created by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez and Tyler Wray
Directed by Daniel Navetta | 2018 | 22 mins
Peter Stefan, owner of Graham Putnam & Mahoney funeral parlor in Worcester, Mass., found himself thrust into the national spotlight in the spring of 2013 amid a damning controversy. With implications that still linger to this day, Stefan and his team faced the question of where to draw the line on who deserves a burial. EVERYTHING IS STORIES explores the morality behind such decision-making and how one man—during a time of universal anger, fear and sadness—stood up for what he thought was right. 


On why they chose BLOOD SIMPLE.:
“The list of films that influenced our short doc is undoubtedly a long one, as just too many have been embedded in our subconscious over the years. Not having the luxury of weeks to debate and decide we landed on BLOOD SIMPLE. a film where the mood of the opening monologue alone captures the spirit of EIS and the subjects we choose to pursue. The Coen Brothers’ 1984 debut is one we’ll always look to for its nuanced characters, dark sense of humor, and ultimate beauty in the face of desperation.”

BLOOD SIMPLE. is a dark and suspenseful thriller that begins when a Texas bar owner Marty  hires a private investigator Vissar to spy on his young cheating wife Abby and her lover Ray . From this point, the film involves plot twists and turns, murders and mistaken deaths, misunderstanding and deceit as the characters play, and prey, upon each other. Shot in such a way that plays upon the audience’s voyeurism and assumptions, BLOOD SIMPLE. continues to remain fresh and innovative – a must see on the big screen.