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Poster for Four Flies on Grey Velvet
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Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Director: Dario Argento Run Time: 104 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1971 Language: Italian with English Subtitles

Starring: Jean-Pierre Marielle, Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer

June’s midnite LIVE SOUND CINEMA is a must-see giallo by Dario Argento Four Flies on Grey Velvet with a live score by Daniel Collás performed by Yello Magi.

Giallo and live music! Creepy puppet masks, whispers in the dark, and a murder mystery…Four Flies on Grey Velvet is indeed a Dario Argento film! In fact, it’s the third in the director’s “Animal Trilogy” that began with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and The Cat o’Nine Tails. The killings begin when rock drummer Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) accidently offs the man who has been stalking him. Of course it doesn’t end there. Enter a homicidal maniac who starts murdering all of Roberto’s friends in revenge. But as it is with every good Argento giallo, nothing is as it appears to be!

Daniel Collás is the producer, songwriter, and main mind behind the Phenomenal Handclap Band, whose 2009 hit “15-20” caught the ear of Paul McCartney and started them on a path playing worldwide tours alongside the likes of Bryan Ferry, Franz Ferdinand, and Chairlift, to name a few.