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Friday the 13th

Director: Sean S. Cunningham Run Time: 95 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1980

Starring: Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, Jeannine Taylor, Kevin Bacon, Robbi Morgan

A killer’s on the loose at Nitehawk Cinema and he’s serving up a multi-course dinner of fresh meat from The Meat Hook for a special Film Feast presentation of FRIDAY THE 13TH.

Things don’t go so well for the reopening of Camp Crystal Lake as the new counsellors are stalked and slashed…but by whom? As the site for a young boy’s drowning many years earlier, someone or something is none-too-pleased that a new batch of sexually crazed young adults who will be the caretakers of young children. Stemming from tropes established in Italian giallo films like anonymous killer-point-of-view stabs and punishment for sexual activities, Friday the 13th produces one of the most iconic “Final Girls” in horror (Alice Hardy) and has enduringly made teenage activities a frightening cautionary tale.

For our October Film Feast, Nitehawk is teaming up with some folks with blood on their hands, the butchers at The Meat Hook, for a five course meal that’s been stabbed, sliced, and seared like a misbehaving camp counselor.


“Frank’s Delicatessen Pork Roll Sandwich”
blood pork roll sandwich
Drink pairing: Milk and Honey On The Other Side – milk washed rye whiskey and fresh lemon, orange blossom honey syrup

“Snake Three Ways”
The Meat Hook’s The Cougar, Long Dong Bud, and Lamb Gyro sausages
Drink pairing: Snake Bite and Black – Braven Black Pale Ale, dry English cider, Creme de Mure

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”
bacon wrapped Thai shrimp, Devils on horseback, bacon rillette on crostini, The Meat Hook lamb bacon, tomato & bacon lettuce wrap, bacon jam on brioche
Drink pairing: Bloody Bacon – bacon infused Absolut Vodka, smoked house bloody mary mix

butcher’s cut, roasted mushrooms, potato puree
Drink pairing: Blackout Punch – Bulldog Gin, basil and plum shrub, oleo saccharum, soda water

“Crystal Lake Granita”
coconut water and lime granita
Drink pairing: Water of Death – Death’s Door White Whiskey, Pear Eau de Vie, Lemon Juice, Blanc de Blanc

Click here for more information on The Meat Hook’s new sandwich shop in Brooklyn!

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Menu items subject to change, no substitutions.