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Poster for Furious


Director: Tim Everitt, Tom Sartori Run Time: 73 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1984

Starring: Simon Rhee, Phillip Rhee, Arlene Montano, Howard Jackson, Peter Malota

Mystic aliens from the astral plane fight Kung Fu warriors for control of the universe!

Simon, a fierce Kung Fu master, ventures into the city’s gritty underbelly for answers to his sister’s death. There, a cunning spiritual master deceives him, plotting to snatch his piece of an ancient amulet he shared with her. Unraveling the scheme, Simon plunges fists and feet first into a bone-crushing battle for the fate of the world against an alien army of karate wizards, dragons, a new wave clone band, talking pigs and mystical chickens!

One of the most bizarre domestic martial arts movies ever made, Furious throws the 1980s home video chopsocky craze in a blender with elements of the supernatural, horror and superhero genres, by way of an improvised MTV video. Featuring Hollywood martial arts legends Simon and Phillip Rhee (Best of the Best, The Matrix, Inception) in their first ever starring roles and who also handled all the non-stop action choreography on display in the film.