Ginger Snaps

Director: John Fawcett Run Time: 108 min. Format: 35mm Rating: NR Release Year: 2000

Starring:  Katharine Isabelle,  Mimi Rogers, Emily Perkins, Kris Lemche

A unique look at the monthly werewolf turn as experienced by teenage girls is GINGER SNAPS.

Controversial upon its release and now a cult favorite, Ginger Snaps is uses the monthly werewolf turn and cravings to be analogous with the strange horror of becoming a woman. Fifteen-year-old Brigitte Fitzgerald and her nearly-sixteen-year-old sister Ginger are both best friends and outcasts. Obsessed with dying and bound by a childhood pact to stay together forever, they loathe their mind-numbing existence in the suburbs of Bailey Downs. One night the two girls are heading through the woods when Ginger is savagely attacked by a wild creature and while her wounds heal, something about her is not quite right.

Part of Nitehawk’s March BARK AT THE MOON series.