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Poster for Groundswell


Run Time: 80 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

New York Surf Film Festival presents a screening of Soul of a Carnation, Heart of a Surfer,  1964Gasoline, and Groundswell…


Soul of a Carnation, Heart of a Surfer (2013) directed by Hélio Valentim starring Pedro Martins de Lima, Carlos Lopes, Andrea Molina, Hugo Silva Montero, Lurdes & Leonor (9 minutes)
“A surf story about freedom and friendship, history and life, about the feeling of being free…and about soul surf!


The short film is a mix of documentary with the finnest and first great Portuguese Surfer and Waterman, Pedro Martins de Lima, talking about surfing in the 50?s until 1974, during the opressive regime in Portugal where surf were not allowed, and also a visual fiction of some friends that celebrates freedom, in reunion around the fire in a beautiful beach.


The film it’s a freedom surfer celebration…”


1964 (2012) directed by Mike Bromley, starring Dean Petty (5 minutes)
Set in the year “1964? and shot on location in Nova Scotia, Canada. Dean Petty stars in this short film with a classic feel. “1964? is clean and crisp and brings us back to a simpler time, not only in life but also in surfing.

Gasoline (2012) directed by Júlio Barreiros, starring Ricardo Carrajola (23 minutes)
The wave, the surfer, the dream… When these three words are combined, our lives can change. A surfer always seeks the best waves, that relentless pursuit that makes him travel the world searching for the perfect wave. But what if the wave, which we often dreamed of the ocean, was closer than ever imagined? And when we least expect it in a river?

A group of friends from Barreiro city, in Portugal, discovered a phenomenon: the boat that connects their city to Lisbon provides a perfect wave that rolls along 150 meters in the Tagus river. They call it: “Gasoline”.

A wave is just a wave until someone has the vision to ride it. And then the imagination can become reality. Perfect, beautiful and mysterious, the wave shows only to those who really like her, seek her, cherish, and have a special relationship with her. This is a story of friendship, dedication, strength to believe and sharing happiness in an unlikely scenario surfing Portugal’s most urban wave. Despite being in the sight of thousands of people, the secret was now revealed…

Groundswell (2012) directed by Chris Malloy, starring Dan Malloy (23 minutes). Q&A with the Malloy Brothers!
“It’s not blind opposition to progress, but opposition to blind progress”- John Muir

Venice, CA (January 30) – At great environmental risk, and against the wishes of most British Columbians and its aboriginal people, the Enbridge Northern Gateway project would pipe tar sands oil from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia for delivery to markets in Asia and California. Last fall, Raincoast Conservation Foundation teamed up with filmmaker/Patagonia surf ambassador Chris Malloy to highlight all that’s at stake. Groundswell, Chris’ short documentary, charts an extraordinary surf trip along BC’s unspoiled west coast with surfers acting as ambassadors for marine life. Through their remarkable experiences, and compelling narrative by young indigenous leaders, the film provides a fresh voice to a coast in peril.