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Director: Mark Griffiths Run Time: 88 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1984

Starring: Gary Wood, Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts

If you like a little sex with your comedy and your bikinis high cut, then our July Nitehawk Naughty presentation of the 80s flick Hardbodies is just for you!

When three divorced men on a vacation in California realize that they’re fancy beach house and cars can’t get them the one thing they want (to get laid!), they hire a young man known for his way with the ladies. In exchange for his ‘dialog’, he gets to stay at their fabulous abode but when this playboy actually falls for a girl, well, then things get a little nutty. With its cheesy one-liners, Valley Girl speak, big hair, boom-boxes, and outlandish hijinx, Hardbodies epitomizes 1980s sex-comedies.  and is best to see late night on the big screen.