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Poster for HEAD &Amp; HANDS and LA RICOTTA


Director: Aïda Ruilova, Pier Paolo Pasolini Run Time: 80 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1970 Language: English / Italian

Starring: Abel Ferrara, Alissa Bennett (HEAD AND HANDS). Orson Welles, Edmonda Aldini, Ettore Garofolo (LA RICOTTA), Laura Betti, Mario Cipriani

**Due to a private matter, this screening has been postponed. We will announce a new date shortly!**

ART SEEN presents a screening of Aïda Ruilova’s HEAD AND HANDS along with Pier Paolo Pasolini’s short film, LA RICOTTA. Aïda Ruilova in attendance! Screening before the films is the frieze video: At Home with Jonas Mekas.

Starring director Abel Ferrara (Ms. 45 and Bad Lieutenant) and writer Alissa Bennett, Aïda Ruilova’s new film, Head and Hands: My Black Angel, centers around a conversation regarding director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s life and the last days before his early death. Spiraling out from there, the story breaks into an unconventional and tangential narrative about love, hustlers, desire, drugs, conspiracy, film scripts, and the actress Zoë Lund. The conversation between Ferrara and Bennett is shot with two cameras producing a fascinating look at obsessive tendencies and the self-destruction that often accompany creative brilliance.

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s short film La Ricotta from 1962, a memorable part of the compilation film Rogopa, is “an explosion of disgust at consumer society and its vulgarity, a scabrous reproach to the Catholic Church for its abandonment of the poorest members of that society, a film about a film about the Crucifixion that shows Christianity’s central symbolic event being staged within a circus of depravity. Its Christ is a starving film extra who gives his own box lunch to his hungry family, loses a meal he’s stolen to a visiting movie star’s lap dog, and, after managing to stuff himself with ricotta cheese, dies from indigestion on the cross” (Gary Indiana, Pasolini, Mama Roma, and La ricotta, 2004).

In partnership with frieze. Featuring Absolut vodka cocktails.