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Director: William Lustig Run Time: 87 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1989

Starring: Jan-Michael Vincent, Leo Rossi, Lance Henriksen, Charles Napier, Rip Torn

This April 19: Spring into action when special-guest “Uncle Bill” Lustig visits THE DEUCE to introduce his hard-hitting tale of 80s LA dis-organized Crime: HIT LIST – as it pummeled the pugnacious patrons of the Cine-42 in March of 1989!

Maniacal, Machiavellian mob-boss Rip Torn hires unhinged hit-man/surly shoe-salesman Lance Henriksen to tie up some loose ends… but a mundane mistake leads to murderous mayhem!! When an erroneous kidnapping gets dutiful dad Jan-Michael Vincent moderately miffed – he goes gunning for vengeance on the seedy streets, in a riotous race to save his son from the mafia scum…

Shoot-outs in kiddie Laser Tag emporiums, and perilous parking-garage car chases ensue! A glut of B-Movie genre antics and action: Gangsters! Gritty urban grime! Crime! Courtroom pyrotechnics! Pissed-off-Pop revenge!! With stolid stalwarts Charles Napier and Leo Rossi along for the ride, HIT LIST runs the gamut delivering the thrills – and Lustig’s direction doesn’t let down! Put this lusty piece of perfectly furious fun on your short-LIST of things to do this month – don’t miss this HIT!