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Poster for Hollywood 90028
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Hollywood 90028

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Director: Christina Hornisher Run Time: 76 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1973

Starring: Christopher Augustine, Jeannette Dilger, Dick Glass, Gayle Davis

The Deuce has your hearts in mind this Valentine season – and is going to break them with HOLLYWOOD 90028! Mark and Michele don’t exactly “meet cute” but find semi-solace in each other as two like, lonely lost souls struggling to get by – adrift in the seedy underbelly of early 70s LA… pouring their hearts out – their hopes and fears – like water from an overflowing well… he a wanna-be “cinematographer” wiling away shooting low-end porn with dreams of “getting somewhere” – she already knowing her porno-present has no future – nothing left to dream for… the bigger difference being: Mark is also a murderer!!

The sole feature freak-show from female director Christina Hornisher (billed here as “Craig Hansen”) plays more like a proto-feminist psychodrama than the grindhouse nudie-horror-thriller it’s (un) dressed up to be – subverting genre expectations at every head-scratching turn as it twists its meandering way under your creeped-out skin! With a beautiful original poster evocative of Freud and Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom – the zip-coded 1973-lensed conundrum baffled and bopped around drive-ins unnoticed before finally finding its way to the slack-jawed end-of-the-Seventies burn-outs of the Deuce’s Liberty Theatre under the more titillating title: THE HOLLYWOOD HILLSIDE STRANGLER… Many wept – as it’s a tale that hits close to home even a country-length and near-decade (now half-century) away… Everyone lives alone… will we die alone, too? See it with someone you trust – see it with The Deuce!