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Poster for If You Take This

If You Take This

Director: Craig Butta Run Time: 75 min. Rating: NR Release Year: 2014 Language: Arabic

Starring: Master Musicians of Joujouka

Northside Film screens the New York premiere of IF YOU TAKE THIS, presented by BAMcinemaFest.

Introduction by by BAM and Q&A with director, Craig Butta

A psychedelic, hybrid ethnography that takes us into Morocco to discover its music and culture. An American film crew is hired by a Moroccan­born Wall Street financier to document his family, but they soon go off on their own path, chasing the legendary Joujouka musicians. Recalling the myths and legends about the place that first excited them, the crew soon finds history repeating itself in bizarre ways. Part road movie, part head trip, IF YOU TAKE THIS is about sound, image and the distortions within the idea of “authenticity.” It might also be about the end of the world.