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Run Time: 122 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

New York Surf Film Festival presents a screening of Surf Right and Immersion…

Surf Right (2012) directed by John Huet (3 minutes)
A documentary short film inspired by a community of cold water surfers who embrace unforgiving conditions to follow their passion.

Immersion (2012) directed by Tim Bonython (104 minutes)
Over the past seven years, surfing enthusiast and filmmaker Tim Bonython has spent every available moment doing what he loves: filming images of breath-taking wave riding in all corners of the globe and conducting interviews with the biggest figureheads of the surfing industry. Over 16 TB of footage and 150 interviews later, Tim Bonython started bringing his greatest project yet to life. Immersion the movie looks at every aspect of surfing; from its early history, through the evolution of surfboards, the science of surfing, the growth of the sport and development of competition, how surfing is portrayed in the media, to the business of surfing through interviews with its athletes, cameramen and film editors.

Immersion features some of surfing’s greatest talents and personalities, and takes you to some of the world’s most isolated, notorious and picturesque surfing locations. It’s not all big waves and boards! The film covers all aspects of the sport – from body surfing and body boarding, surf ski, long boarding and even the new stand up paddle boarding.
Immersion is an intense sight and sound experience, a “must see” for surfing enthusiasts of all tastes, generations and walks of life.