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Poster for Innersection: Black

Innersection: Black

Run Time: 73 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

New York Surf Film Festival presents a screening of Telepathic Supersonic Space Ninja Surfers and Innersection: Black…

Telepathic Supersonic Space Ninja Surfers (2013) directed by Dan Fogler, starring Dan’s cousins! Q&A with director Dan Fogler! (3 minutes)
Telepathic Supersonic Space Ninja Surfers is a film short by Hollywood actor Dan Fogler and his production company Studio 13.  It is an homage to video games, surfing, and the mighty morphing power rangers!  Starring Dan’s own little cousins.

Innersection: Black (2013) directed Nathan Myers, Calvin Knowlton, Saul Garcia, Ben Gulliver, Damien Robertson, Adam Chilton, Adam DeWolfe, Joao Rito, Nat Lanyon, Jay Button, Dan Norkunas, Zachary Hill, Toby Cregan, starring Albee Layer, Peter Devries, Gilbert Brown, Carlos Munoz, Raph Bruhwiler, Leif Engstrom, Asher Pacey, Nic Von Rupp, Alex Chacon, Keikea Elias, Josh Mulcoy, Brett Burcher, Noah Cohen (45 minutes)
Innersection is the world’s original open-source freesurfing competition, developed by Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers. The 13 all-new sections that form Innersection: Black were each produced by the surfers themselves, then selected from hundreds of online submissions to be reimagined for this final release. The surfing was filmed all around the world, with highlights in Canada, Portugal, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Australia, and Hawaii. There’s also an all-new submission from defending $100,000 champion, Albee Layer. Innersection is pure surfing: surfer created, viewer selected, and ocean inspired.