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The Kentucky Fried Movie

Director: John Landis Run Time: 83 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1977

Starring:  Barry Dennen,  Bill Bixby,  Bong Soo Han,  Donald Sutherland,  Henry Gibson,  Stephen Bishop,  Tony Dow, Evan C. Kim, George Lazenby, Shadoe Stevens

A series of irreverent and often tasteless skits as only John Landis can do in THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE!

The film that lead John Landis to Animal House

The Kentucky Fried Movie is a comedy anthology film that loosely mixes stories (produced and introduced by “Samuel L. Bronkowitz”) with genius parodies of genre films. Everything from early kung-fu films, disaster films, new programs, commercials, blaxploitation films, softcore porn films, mafia films are up for spoofing grabs! It’s completely outlandish and the best kind of schizophrenic movie watching experience one can have after midnite!

Part of Nitehawk’s April TUNE IN, TURN ON midnite series.