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Kevin Geeks Out About Lady Robots

Run Time: 120 min. Format: Digital

Comedian Kevin Maher presents an obsessive look at one of Science Fiction’s most often employed (and misunderstood) characters: the Female Robot.

This show spotlights ass-kicking killbots and seductive replicants, plus electric grandmothers and feminist revolutionaries. Kevin and guests explore the question: what does a wholly manufactured woman want, and what will she do to get it?

The one-night-only show is a virtual parade of robots from the last 100 years of science fiction, featuring Frisky Fembots of the 1960s, Cyber-clones of the ‘20s, Killer Androids of the ‘80s and much more.

Guests include:

  • Co-host Tom Blunt (Word & Film blogger, host of Meet the Lady)
  • Cici James (owner of Singularity & Co. science-fiction bookstore)
  • Seth Porges (technology writer/editor)
  • Jenn Northington (co-founder, Bookrageous)
  • Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) 
  • Ariel Italic (Nobodies Hosting Drag Race)