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Poster for Kevin Geeks Out About Sex Scenes & Love Stories

Kevin Geeks Out About Sex Scenes & Love Stories

Run Time: 120 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

A video variety show that will leave you sore in the morning. (From laughing.)

Comedian Kevin Maher welcomes his wife and co-host (romance novelist Rebecca Rogers Maher) for a two-hour video variety show looking at pop culture’s most memorable sex scenes. From teen sex comedies to serious art-house films, they’ll watch all kinds of encounters: the good, the bad, the vulnerable, the gratuitous, and more! The one-night-only event includes G-rated innuendos and X-rated surprises.

With special guests:
Tanya Smith (co-host “Read It and Weep” podcast)
R. Sikoryak (cartoonist, Masterpiece Comics and iTunes Terms & Conditions: The Graphic Novel)
Doug Sakmann (AVN-award-winning director of The XXXorcist, Evil Head, Re-Penetrator)
Kristen Korvette (Editrix,
Professor Geoff Klock (author, The Future of Comics, the Future of Men)
Steve Flack (Editor, Trivia Champion)