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Poster for Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Shark Movies

Kevin & Matt Geek Out About Shark Movies

Run Time: 120 min. Format: Digital Rating: NR

Comedian Kevin Maher and filmmaker Matthew Glasson present an obsessive look at shark movies from Jaws to Sharknado and dozens of films in-between. The hosts revisit early Shark cinema, Jaws rip-offs, sanctioned sequels, CGI monsters, and a hit TV show that literally jumped the shark.

Kevin and Matt have presented on Sharksploition in Boston, Brooklyn and Martha’s Vineyard at JAWSFEST.

With special guests:

  • Filmmaker Ryan Arey (“Rick Pulsar: Galactic Knight of Space Justice”)
  • Blogger/Podcaster Emily Intravia (DeadlyDollsHouse.Com & The Feminine Critique)
  • Comedian Kevin Harrington (Boston’s GEEK WEEK)