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Poster for Kung Fu Rascals

Kung Fu Rascals

Director: Steve Wang Run Time: 101 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1992

Starring: Steve Wang, Troy Fromin, Johnnie Saiko, Les Claypool III, ‘Evil’ Ted Smith

When their village is threatened by an ancient dark lord known as The Bamboo Man, a master thief and his two sidekicks steal a map and set off on a quest to find the only superpower in the land big enough to save their home and rid the world of evil. But these Rascals will have to kick, punch and fart their way through every ninja, monster and mutant in sight before they can restore peace.

A frantic, eccentric and loving homage to Asian cinema in all its forms, Kung Fu Rascals is part old school chop socky movie, Kaiju flick and Power Rangers episode rolled into one. The directorial debut from legendary Hollywood special effects artist Steve Wang (The Monster Squad, Predator, The Guyver, Drive), this Super 8 epic showcases both his monster make-up mastery and sharp action movie sensibilities.

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