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Director: Mark Jones Run Time: 92 min. Format: Digital Rating: R

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt., Warwick Davis

Spend St. Patrick’s Day with Nitehawk and one evil LEPRECHAUN!

Screening will include an Irish Jameson Whiskey in-theater special!

In the first of the infamous film franchise, Willow’s Warwick Davis play a super evil Leprechaun who’s come all the way from Ireland to South Dakota to get his gold back from thieving Dan O’Grady but winds up locked in a basement. Cut to ten years later and the new tenants (one of whom is Jennifer Aniston in her film debut) unknowingly let the sucker out. The killing spree and terrorizing that ensues can only be stopped by a four leaf clover. Whether these friends have the luck of the Irish or their luck runs out one this is for sure, never, ever steal a Leprechaun’s pot of gold.