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Loose Cannon

Director: Brent Cousins Run Time: 49 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 1995

Starring: Blake Cousins, Veronica Karlsson, Kevin Peterson

A rogue cop in rural Hawaii uncovers a conspiracy to kill the vice president and is forced to battle an old friend working for a group of terrorists in this SOV martial arts and gunplay extravaganza 25 years in the making!

Helmed by do-it-yourself wunderkind twin brothers The Cousins Brothers, and made hot off the heels of their gore-soaked SOV tour de force Slaughter Day, Loose Cannon ups the ante on the action and insanity their fans have come to adore – with severed limbs, homemade rocket launchers, reckless stunts, hand to hand combat and more punch than a volcano full of nuclear weapons.