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Mixed Blood

Director: Paul Morrissey Run Time: 98 min. Format: 35mm Rating: NR Release Year: 1984

Starring: Marilia Pêra, Richard Ulacia, Rodney Harvey, Angel David, Geraldine Smith, Linda Kerridge, John Leguizamo

Print courtesy The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Cool your heels this August at The Deuce with a holy-grail of hilarity: Paul Morrissey’s riotous and rarely screened send-up of drug-war movie mores – MIXED BLOOD!!

Opposing drug “families” fight for dope-dealing supremacy in the bombed-out, trash-strewn, junkie-filled streets of 80s “Alphabet City” – where fiery Brazilian drug-tsarista Rita La Punta forbids her hunky monosyllabic mass of flesh son, Thiago, from venturing anywhere above 14th Street!! Trash-talking and race-baiting… where the heat on the street is double-dealing beat-cops… and then there’s the Menudo store shoot-out!

Sure – it played downtown in “the village” – at the Waverly (now, the “IFC Center”) – where one would expect to find such wacky fare… but we, being “The Deuce”, are more excited to be dropping in on its 1-week run at the “Make Them Die SlowlyLiberty Theatre with all the whacked-out, cranked up kook-a-palooza Deuce denizens drooling in befuddled bemusement at Morrisey’s mischievous trickster’s take on a topic all-too familiar!!