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Mystery Train

Director: Jim Jarmusch Run Time: 110 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1989

Starring:  Elizabeth Bracco,  Jodie Markell,  Joe Strummer,  Nicoletta Braschi,  Rick Aviles,  Rufus Thomas,  Steve Buscemi,  Tom Noonan,  Tom Waits, Masatoshi Nagase, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Yûki Kudô

Take a trip to the beautifully strange Memphis, Tennessee in Jim Jarmusch’s MYSTERY TRAIN.

Presented on 35mm.

Mystery Train is Jim Jarmusch’s episodic love letter to Memphis, Tennessee and one of his very best films. A beautiful pilgrimage into this wonderfully weird place, Mystery Train pays tribute to all the things that make the city sing: Stax Records, Sun Studios, Graceland, Carl Perkins, and the King himself (it is named after an Elvis Presley song, after all). Separate stories that include a kitsch-obsessed Japanese couple (heads up, look out for Paterson cameo), an Italian widow, and a trio of amateur robbers are all linked together by a seedy hotel and its night clerk played by Memphis legend by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and, of course, Elvis!

Part of Nitehawk’s January JARMUSCH AT MIDNITE midnite series.