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Poster for Naughty 35mm Show

Naughty 35mm Show

Run Time: 90 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R

Jack Theakson, 35mm film archana archivist and historian presents a retro 35mm film program of forgotten filth for lovers of a degenerate and misbegotten past that your parents and grandparents would like to remain swept under the carpet. These weird and wanton images have been saved from the trash and from digitization and are presented in their original 35mm glory. Also presenting a kid-friendly program, HOLIDAY 35MM FUN SHOW, at brunch!

HYPNOWHEEL INTRO (5 min) – A mad fiend welcomes you to an evening of terror, accompanied by a Hypno-Wheel.
TRAILERS/SNIPES (30 min) – Including such classics as NUDE IN A WHITE CAR and MY BABY IS BLACK!
COME TO POLAND (10 min) – Tour communist-era Poland in this positively Kubrickian travelogue.
LOVE FOR SALE (8 min) – 1950s Burlesque strippers both on-stage and behind the scenes!
VIOLATED clips (20 min) – Wim Holland produced and starred in this “masterpiece” of sleaze right on the streets of New York.  See REAL NYC derelicts, circa 1953 and the real burlesque halls they frequented.  This 20 minute condensation has some of the most head-scratching scenes from the film.
INTIMATE INTERVIEWS: BELA LUGOSI (8 min) – The master of horror in a candid interview right after his success in DRACULA.

Jack Theakston, film historian and archivist, has been working with classic movies since he was a teenager.  First introduced to 16mm collecting at an early age, Mr. Theakston has since become one of the leading authorities on realism technology history in film, including 3-D, widescreen, stereophonic sound and color.  Mr. Theakston has produced a number of special features for classic films on DVD, mounted numerous film festivals in both Los Angeles and New York, and currently manages the Capitol Theatre in Rome, NY, a venue that specializes in running classic films in 35mm.

Part of Nitehawk’s Naughty and Nice December program.