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Navajo Joe

Director: Sergio Corbucci Run Time: 93 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG13 Release Year: 1966

Starring: Aldo Sambrell, Burt Reynolds, Nicoletta Machiavelli

Nitehawk’s November Country Brunchin’ presents Navajo Joe featuring a live pre-show serenade by Lil’ Mo and the Monicats.

It’s becoming obvious that we love a little Burt Reynolds with our Country Brunchin. Mr. Reynolds has danced with prostitutes and had a nightmare of a vacation, but it’s his turn as a vengeful Navajo Indian in Sergio Corbucci’s spaghetti western, Navajo Joe, that really gets our ponies racing. After an outlaw heads up a bloody massacre of an Indian village, the sole survivor (Navajo Joe) steals a train full of money, makes bargains for killing, and has a shootout in an Indian cemetery to get revenge on his wife’s death. It’s beautiful, it’s violent, it’s the perfect Country Brunchin. Also, the soundtrack may sound familiar to those familiar with Tarantino’s Kill Bill, another find-them-and-kill-them revenge adventure.

Lil’ Mo and the Monicats: There may be bands like Monica Passin’s long-thriving rockabilly outfit in a lot of cities, but hers, popular in NYC in various configurations for about two decades, has the benefit of her fetching, time-warp creating vocals—good for lilting jive, Buddy Holly-like original ‘billy ballads, and blues, too—This latest [album, Whole Lotta Lovin’] features that typical Li’l Mo mix, and reminds us that when there was still a lot of straight country boogie in rock ‘n’ roll, the vocal demands and results were often considerable.  And they still are, here.  – Barry Mazor, Engine 145.

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