New Breed Tape Compilation

Director: John Woods Run Time: 75 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2016

Starring: Adam Nathanson & Sacha Jenkins. Narrated by Tony Rettman, Andy Guida, Bill Wilson, Brendan White, Carl Porcaro, Chaka Malik, Chris Wynn, Dave Stein, Djinji Brown, Freddy Alva, Gavin Van Vlack, James Damion, Joe Sonco, Kevin Egan, Loizos Gatzaris, Michael Scondotto


Wednesday, March 30: Q&A with Djinji Brown, Freddy Alva, Orlando Arce, & John Woods. Moderated by Tony Rettman.

Saturday, April 2: Q&A with Chaka Malik, Freddy Alva, Orlando Arce, & John Woods. Moderated by Tony Rettman.

Saturday, April 3: Q&A with Freddy Alva, John Woods, Orlando Arce & Joe Songco (Outburst). Moderated by author Anthony Pappalardo

The New Breed Documentary chronicles a cassette compilation put out by Freddy Alva and Chaka Malik in 1989. New York Hardcore was undergoing a transition at the end of the 80s and this generational shift was exemplified by the bands that were featured on the compilation. The story of the tape is at heart the story of NYC and kids that grew up in its five boroughs as well as related outposts in Long Island/Yonkers. A unique set of social/economic circumstances during the 70s and 80s forged the individuals that went on to make up the New York Hardcore scene. This full length documentary profiles band members/fanzine editors/record label heads and fans that made up this vibrant scene with narration by NYHC book author Tony Rettman. It’s unheard of for a feature film to focus on an outdated analog format like a cassette compilation but it is through the eyes of these individuals that a spotlight is shined onto those tumultuous times and what is ultimately a tribute to a bygone era.