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Director: Soudade Kaadan Run Time: 103 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2022 Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Starring: Hala Zein, Kinda Alloush, Samir al-Masri, Nizar Alani, Darina Al Joundi Nabil Abousalih Samer, Seyyid Ali

Introduced by Yasmina Tawil, Director of Film Programming, Arab Film & Media Institute. Part of the Arab Women in the Arts Showcase. To make an additional $10 donation to Arab Film & Media Institute, select the “Event + Donation” ticket on the checkout screen.

14-year-old Zeina and her family are the last to have stayed in their besieged hometown of Damascus in Syria. A missile rips a giant hole in their home, exposing them to the outside world. When a rope is mysteriously lowered into the hole, Zeina gets her first taste of freedom, and an unimaginable world of possibility opens up for her.

As the violence outside escalates, the family is pressured to evacuate, but Mutaz, her father, is adamant that they stay, refusing to flee to the uncertain life of a refugee. Faced with a life-or-death dilemma, Zeina and Hala, her mother, must make the choice whether to stay or leave.