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Director: Clive Barker Run Time: 102 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1990

Starring: Anne Bobby, Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg

Dreams enter reality and new worlds become a battleground between good and evil in NIGHTBREED.

Recurring dreams of Midan a world of monsters and strange creatures push Aaron Boone to seek the care of a psychotherapist. Enter Dr. Phillip Decker who moonlights as a masked serial killer. He manipulates Boone with LSD disguised as Lithium and convinces Boone that he is the one responsible for murders that Decker himself has committed. Ordered by Decker to turn himself in to the police Boone is hit by a truck and in the hospital learns that Midan is real and is given a way to enter. Finding the massive city under a graveyard Boone meets the monsters who inhabit Midan and begins his journey into battle between Decker, himself and the two worlds.

Part of Nitehawk’s January BECAUSE I’M EVIL midnite series.