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Poster for NoBudge Live #15

NoBudge Live #15

Run Time: 86 min. Release Year: 2018

NoBudge is a movies club that presents a hand-picked selection of new indie movies daily. “One of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide,” says Glenn Kenny of The New York Times. Its mission is to provide a supportive home for emerging indie filmmakers working with limited resources and without major industry connections, and to be a trusted discovery platform helping audiences find their new favorite movies and filmmakers.


The Movies

Fucked Like a Star
Director Stefani Saintonge present.
A poetic meditation on women’s work and the dreamlife of ants set to the words of Toni Morrison.
(8 minutes)

Fall River
Directors Jamil McGinnis and Pat Heywood present.
The story of a family tragedy, and their once-thriving hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts.
(7 minutes)

Director Kyle Sawyer present.
A woman retreats to a cabin to compose a piece of music but is haunted by writers block.
(6 minutes)

The Darby Bonarsky Story
Directors Dasha Nekrasova and Jacqueline Kramer present.
Darby Bonarsky is an actress living in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A local filmmaker wanted to tell her story.
(17 minutes)

enjoy your stay!
Co-writer and lead actor, Hilton Dresden present.
Hilton visits L.A. and loses his mind.
(7 minutes)

Director Jess Lane present.
Three devoted Cornholio enthusiasts struggle to make ends meet in New York.
(6 minutes)

Cheap Studs
Director Zach Romeo present.
A high school country band prepares for an upcoming performance, paying special attention to their pre-show winks.
(10 minutes)

Holiday Lake
Directors Frankie de Fusco and Sarah Salovaara present.
Two filmmakers scout their next movie.
(3 minutes)

I Love My Friends
Director Lorelei Ramirez present.
Sometimes you can love your friends a little bit too much for them, but not enough for you.
(9 minutes)

The Train Eater
Director Timothy Jacob Elledge present.
A vérité portrait of Timothy Little, known as the Train Eater, a performer who has adopted the NYC subways as his preferred venue in speaking out against police brutality and Trump’s America.
(13 minutes)