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Poster for NoBudge Live #40

NoBudge Live #40

Run Time: 100 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024

NoBudge is happy to present a new program of nine short films from a group of emerging indie filmmakers mostly based in New York. We’re focused on young characters searching for escape or catharsis, feeling suffocated or cursed. True to the nature of no-budget filmmaking, the work doesn’t shy away from being lo-fi, homemade, or experimental. There’s a taste of absurd humor in sections but perhaps it’s one of our edgier lineups in recent memory, playing against the idea of light summer viewing. Seven of the films are premieres and the majority of the filmmakers will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A and Afterparty.

NoBudge is an online platform spotlighting the best in low-budget indie filmmaking. “One of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide,” says Glenn Kenny of The New York Times. Its mission is to provide a supportive home for emerging indie filmmakers working with limited resources and without major industry connections, and to be a trusted discovery platform.

NY Premiere
Director Maci Parker present.
Deep in the American south, a girl living in a trailer park feels suffocated by her surroundings when her best friend reveals that she is pregnant.
(8 min)

The Expanding Horizon
NY Premiere
Director Christian Meola present.
A 16-year-old makes an unusual request of his drug dealer classmate.
(10 min)

NY Premiere
Director Jack Solomon present.
After getting on the “dance cam” at a professional sporting event, Drew quickly loses his mind along with his sense of reality.
(12 min)

Teeth Tacs
NY Premiere
Director Steph Twyford-Rigley present.
After a ten year hiatus, two friends reunite to break a mysterious curse.
(7 min)

NY Premiere
Director Tynan DeLong present.
A guy asks his friends to see the new Beyoncé movie.
(7 min)

Compounding Negativity
Brooklyn Premiere
Director Alex Sovoda present.
A young man achieves success on the internet.
(16 min)

GINGER BOY and The Purpose of Life on Earth
NY Premiere
Director Spencer Witmer present.
Ginger, a perpetually stoned good-for-nothing pothead floats past life’s responsibilities on a cloud of green smoke until she accidentally smokes an ounce of K2 and descends into an existential rabbit-hole.
(20 min)

The Third Ear

After seeing a botched depiction of himself, Sammy, a nude drawing model, sprouts an ear from the back of his head, spiraling his sense of self-image and life out of control.
(13 min)

Happy Ending
Director Ahmad Bakrin present.
When a young line cook hears the voices of his favorite podcasters beckoning him like sirens, the mundane becomes macabre.
(9 min)