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Poster for Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2024: CLOSING NITE

Nitehawk Shorts Festival 2024: CLOSING NITE

Run Time: 91 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2024

Wrapping up our 2024 festival we have a World Premiere by a first time filmmaker, gloriously cinematic sci fi that will burst on the big screen, a richly colorful shot on 16mm piece with fantastical elements, lonely people failing to connect, and a hilarious depiction of a man who risks death over stabbing himself with an EpiPen.

Q&A moderated by Cristina Cacioppo, Nitehawk Cinema

Theodore Collatos / U.S. / 2023 / 16 min. / English
Things get turned upside down when JoJo wakes up believing he’s Joe Louis – one of boxing’s greatest legends… (SLAMDANCE *Grand Jury Prize*)

Alex DiBucci / U.S. / 2022 / 9 min. / English
When a man with a needle phobia has an allergic reaction all alone, he has two choices: face his fear and stab himself with an epi pen, or die trying not to.

Everything Dies Out Here
Sean Mallers, Cian Mallers / U.S. / 2023 / 10 min. / English
A guilt-ridden traveller traverses a wasteland with a peculiar companion in tow: A flower.

Jo Steinhart / U.S. / 2022 / 20 min. / English
An aspiring porn star spends the summer sleeping with men who pass through her family’s motel – until she’s forced to contend with her father’s darkest secret.

To My Dearest Red
Red Addis / U.S. / 2022 / 6 min. / English
One mother’s advice to her child during adolescence transcends time as the pair reminisces on their relationship at different stages throughout their life.

Meryl Jones / U.S. / 2020 – 2022 / 20 min. / English
Two siblings learn a painful lesson when one pursues the other into the woods in search of an elusive mountain lion.

Gold and Mud
Conor Dooley / U.S. / 2022 / 9 min. / English
A sprawling story of love and loss, as reflected on a single face.