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Olivia (1983)

Director: Ulli Lommel Run Time: 85 min. Format: 35mm Rating: NR Release Year: 1983

Starring: Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr, Jeff Winchester, Clement von Franckenstein

March Madness begins in full swing on The Deuce with perennial fave, “The Boogeyman” Ulli Lommel, and his freakiest whacky-whatsit: OLIVIA aka A TASTE OF SIN aka WRONG IS RIGHT aka DOUBLE JEOPARDY! By any name… bizarre!! With beauty, muse, collaborator, and bride (and Pratt Institute founder descendant/DuPont heiress) Suzanna Love (swoony!) in her meatiest, most mesmerizing role as the titular temptress: Olivia, a London lass living a dangerously dual life (unbeknownst to her louse of a husband), who meets ‘merican architect under falling-down London Bridge… Mooing and cooing… love found and lost in the London fog… to be rekindled under the self-same London Bridge recently re-assembled in… Arizona!??! And is this Jenny – the fetching bespectacled broad with the very clearly ‘merican accent, leading tours of Lake Havasau rental properties around the aforementioned moved bridge – actually the aforementioned loved – and lost – Olivia?!!? And what about that aforementioned dip-shit of a husband – is he dead or what?? Oh, the mysteries and mind-spinning-mania… the minute pleasures that are OLIVIA!

For a movie sprung from the singular idea of London Bridge having been moved to the ‘merican Southwest – this could possibly be Lommel and Love’s most assured, “accomplished” film – rich in character and performance – beautifully composed, scored, and shot (by approximately 5 cinematographers!!) – a heady mix of giallo, psychosexual thriller, melodrama, and surrealist horror that more than likely left the lunk-head snifflers of the Selwyn Theatre scratching their heads, wondering what the heckle they’d just witnessed… The Deuce will scratch that itch!!