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Poster for Pootie Tang
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Pootie Tang

Director: Louis C.K. Run Time: 81 min. Format: 35mm Rating: PG13 Release Year: 2001 Language: English and Pootie

Starring:  Dave Attell,  J.B. Smoove,  Jennifer Coolidge,  Laura Kightlinger, Chris Rock, Lance Crouther, Wanda Sykes

POOTIE TANG is too cool for words. Presented in 35mm!

No comedian wants to have to analyze and defend something. It’s like, you thought something was funny; you wrote it down; you acted it out; you talked to people. You know? It works or it doesn’t work. – Chris Rock

Directed by Louis C.K. and adapted from a sketch of the “The Chris Rock Show,” Pootie Tang is probably strangest comedy to be released by a major studio. It may have been panned at release but it’s now a cult favorite. A satire of blaxploitation films of the 1970s, Pootie Tang centers around a hero and role model to the kids, Pootie. Everybody looks up to Pootie except for the evil Dick Lecter, CEO of Lecter Corp, the company that makes cigarettes, alcohol and fast food. Watch to see if Pootie’s cool determination and strength prevail over the evil Dick Lecter and his crew. Did we mention that Pootie also speaks his own language that the audience can’t understand but those in the film with him do…do you speak Pootie?

Part of Nitehawk’s summer program COMEDIANS IN FILM (Late Nite).