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Pretty Woman

Director: Garry Marshall Run Time: 119 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1990

Starring: Jason Alexander, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

PRETTY WOMAN, say you’ll stay with me ’cause I need you.

Imagine a version of Pygmalion where Henry Higgins hires Elisa Doolittle to have sex with him and go to parties on his dime. That’s more-or-less the concept for Garry Marshall’s Pretty Woman, a punchy romantic comedy whose surprise popularity revitalized the ailing romantic comedy genre and made Julia Roberts Julia Roberts. Roberts plays an idillic prostitute with a heart of gold who winds up in the company of a love shy moneybags played by Richard Gere. Their business arrangement soon blossoms into romance as the two of them get a whirlwind lesson in society, love, money and sex.

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