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Poster for Queen Boxer (aka The Avenger)

Queen Boxer (aka The Avenger)

Director: Florence Yu Run Time: 92 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1972 Language: English (dubbed)

Starring: Judy Lee Chia-ling, Peter Yang Kwan, Lee Ying

This August, THE DEUCE-Jockeys team up with our pal Grady Hendrix of Subway Cinema, for a trip to the Empire Theatre and Florence Yu’s QUEEN BOXER!!

“Shanghai,” the narrator intones. “Are the streets paved in gold, or do they run with blood?” In QUEEN BOXER, it’s mostly blood. One of the few Hong Kong action movies directed by a woman – it’s also the debut feature for Judy Lee, the only Bruce Lee impersonator who was actually female. Sold as Bruce Lee’s sister (a stunt thought up by the production company for which Lee eventually had to publicly apologize), Judy Lee dazzles as the deadly dame dealing with dastardly dickheads until she’s finally had it up to here with their asshole behavior and spends the entire last reel beating them to death with her bare hands…

Unleashed for the first time on film (after spending 11 years training in Peking Opera), Lee is an insanely physical actor, and the final punch-a-geddon is so epically brutal, it’s become legendary. Adding angel dust to this old school kung fu crack cocktail is the fact that this 18-day-quickie production is packed with off-kilter editing, insane camera angles, stolen music cues, plentiful gore, and pissed-off women tearing out eyeballs to the sweet, sweet sound of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft” – making it the ultimate grindhouse experience!!