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Poster for Rat Scratch Fever

Rat Scratch Fever

Director: Jeff Leroy Run Time: 95 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2011

Starring: Tasha Tacosa, Ford Austin, Randal Malone, Eric Flenner, Phoebe Dollar

When a doomed space mission brings an army of savage and super intelligent giant rats back to Earth, Los Angeles becomes ground zero for survival as the ravenous creatures descend upon the city with an insatiable hunger for flesh and destruction.

From low budget genre auteur Jeff Leroy (Creepies, The Witches Sabbath) comes the mother of all giant rat movies, a gore-drenched sci-fi / horror / action movie stew that’s a homage to the nature gone amok genre of the 1970s, only wired on crank and really pissed off. Leroy crams every frame of the movie with a dirty, dark sense of dread, pitting his cast against not only the monsters, but each other, until every set and character is literally torn to shreds in one way or another. With it’s ample use of practical effects, miniature work, non-stop action and black humor, Rat Scratch Fever is a B-movie masterclass on how to get every penny and drop of sweat up on the screen.