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Reluctant Fundamentalist

Director: Mira Nair Run Time: 130 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 2012

Starring: Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, Liev Schreiber, Om Puri, Riz Ahmed

Taking the audience through the culturally rich and beguiling worlds of New York, Lahore and Istanbul, The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a story about conflicting ideologies where perception and suspicion have the power to determine life or death.

Beginning in 2011 in Lahore at an outdoor café, a Pakistani man named Changez (Riz Ahmed) tells American journalist Bobby (Liev Schreiber) about his experiences in the United States. Roll back ten years to a younger Changez fresh from Princeton, seeking fortune and glory on Wall Street. The American Dream seems well within his grasp, complete with a smart and gorgeous artist girlfriend, Erica (Kate Hudson). But when the Twin Towers are attacked, a cultural divide slowly begins to crack open between Changez and Erica. Changez’s dream soon begins to slip into nightmare: profiled, wrongfully arrested, strip-searched and interrogated, he is transformed from a well-educated, upwardly mobile businessman to a scapegoat and perceived enemy. With time, he begins to hear the call of his own homeland.