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Poster for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Director: George Miller Run Time: 94 min. Format: DCP Rating: R Release Year: 1981

Starring: Bruce Spence, Max Phipps, Mel Gibson, Michael Preston, Vernon Wells, Virginia Hey, William Zappa

Mad Max is back in THE ROAD WARRIOR!

The Road Warrior was an instant hit upon initial release with its spare dialogue, skimpy leather outfits, violently impressive car sequences and sweepingly large landscape shots. In the follow up to Mad Max, the battle over limited supplies of gasoline rage on in this sequel set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Australian. Where motor vehicles and gas are highly coveted, everyone’s favorite gruff grifter Max helps a small, gasoline rich community against the attack of bandits. In a Western-genre format, this former sheriff reclaims his humanity as he assists these roaming settlers in finding a little bit of peace in this new land.

Part of Nitehawk’s BURN N’ RUBBER July series.