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Poster for ROBOT’S LOVE (US)


Run Time: 92 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2018

Once a thing of science fiction, robots are slowly being introduced into society. But what if these machines we’ve created to help us begin to gain sentience? Can a robot love? These short films from DUST explore the future of humanity’s relationship with robots.

Directed by Rob McLellan | 7 mins, 30 seconds
A self-aware robot seeks out love and meaning with horrifying results.

Directed by by Mackenzie Sheppard | 10 mins, 21 seconds
The world’s first sentient machine goes on stage to accept a prestigious “Person of the Year” award as an auditorium of humans are confronted with his emotional and controversial story. Featuring the voice of Guy Pearce.


Directed by Liam Murphy | 5 mins
A battle of massive machines. Bullets ricocheting, metal mashing, glass shattering, buildings crumbling. Stuck right in the middle of chaos with no explanation. But no explanation is needed.

Directed by Steve Petersen | 3 mins

Based on the DARK HORSE comic, NUMBER 13, a young cybernetic amnesiac, wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for a father he can’t remember.

Directed by Karrie Crouse & Will Joines (music by Com Truise) | 4 mins, 27 seconds

After discovering her own User’s Manual, a docile A.I. housewife becomes self-aware and takes her inevitable revenge.

Directed by Kibwe Tavares | 12 mins, 23 seconds
When a robot pop princess flees her keeper she runs straight into the arms of a lonely scarecrow desperate for adventure. They spend an incredible night together, caught in a heady vortex of music and magic.

Directed by Rajeev Dassani & Elan Dassani | 19 mins
In the not-too-distant future, a tenuous peace between humans and remarkably humanlike “machines”—some don’t even know they’re not real—is tested when synthetics begin spontaneously exploding. A military-led search for these unwitting suicide bombers begins, sending a terrified machine woman and her human partner on the run.

Directed by Stash Capar | 12 mins, 39 seconds
In a dystopian future where the world has devolved into a pre-industrial state, the Purists rule supreme. The Purists blame technology for all the world’s past ills, and have deemed it to be inherently sinful. A handful of Companions, human-like artificial intelligence, have managed to make it through the apocalypse. They survive the only way they can –by hiding in plain sight.


Directed by Ian Hubert | 10 mins
When Thom broke up with his girlfriend Celia to follow his dreams and become an astronaut he didn’t realize it would lead her to use her robotics skill against all of humanity. Now he must try to heal her broken heart and save the world.


Directed by Tom Teller | 7 mins, 45 seconds
A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.

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