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Sadako vs Kayako

Director: Koji Shiraishi Run Time: 98 min. Format: DCP Rating: NR Release Year: 2016 Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Starring: Elly Nanami, Masanobu Ando, Mizuki Yamamoto, Runa Endo, Tina Tamashiro

Nitehawk and Shudder team up for the New York City premiere of the ultimate J-Horror showdown between the vengeful spirits of Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge in SADAKO VS. KAYAKO.

Introduction by Shudder Curator, Sam Zimmerman. Screening also includes Shudder subscriptions giveaways to select audience members!

After viewing a legendary cursed videotape, Natsumi discovers she has only two days before she will be killed by the demonic entity known as Sadako. The only way to break the curse: pitting the demon Sadako against Kayako, an accursed spirit possessing a haunted house where everyone who enters disappears.

Sadako vs. Kayako brings the characters from Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge back to the big screen in a wildly fun, tongue-in-cheek thrill ride that finally answers the question: whose curse is stronger?