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Santa Sangre

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky Run Time: 123 min. Format: Digital Rating: R Release Year: 1989 Language: English subtitles

Starring: Adan Jodorowsky, Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Faviola Tapia, Guy Stockwell, Jesús Juárez, María de Jesús Aranzabal, Sabrina Dennison, Teo Jodorowsky, Thelma Tixou

Nitehawk’s screening of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s surrealist-circus-horror-thriller Santa Sangre is a Live+Sound+Cinema event featuring a live score by Long Distance Poison.

“…I am reminded by Alejandro Jodorowsky that true psychic horror is possible on the screen–horror, poetry, surrealism, psychological pain and wicked humor, all at once.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times, 2003

Santa Sangre is a Mexican-set avante-garde thriller whose psychedelic cinematic exploration into the twisted lives of a circus family vividly shows the horrifyingly weird consequences to their violent actions. The story unfolds as follows: while performing her high vantage circus act, the mother sees that her husband is fooling around with the tattooed lady. So, she throws acid on his privates. He cuts off her arms and kills himself. Their young son Fenix enters the insane asylum. Years later, all grown up and somewhat sane, Fenix rejoins his mother on a murderous revenge spree by providing her the arms she needs.

LONG DISTANCE POISON present an irresistible concoction of convergent psychedelic and analog electronic energies, everything from a love of nature, and Rothko-like visual aesthetics, to musical influences like Sky Records, John Carpenter soundtracks, minimalism, and a less-hyper Mother Mallard or post-Phaedra Tangerine Dream. Special Guests:  Friday, Don McLean (Action Beat/co-owner Fortissmo Records).  Saturday, Jesse DeRosa (member of Grasshopper and Hex Breaker).