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Poster for Scrooged


Director: Richard Donner Run Time: 101 min. Format: DCP Rating: PG13 Release Year: 1988

Starring:  Bobcat Goldthwait,  Carol Kane,  David Johansen,  Robert Mitchum, Bill Murray, John Forsythe, John Glover, Karen Allen

Nitehawk’s BOOZE & BOOKS celebrates a Dickensian holiday with a special screening of SCROOGED. Introduction by Todd Lawton, Co-founder of Out of Print.

Nitehawk and Out of Print are hosting a book drive for the screening to benefit The NY Foundling! You can do this two ways:

  1. Donate at least one new book (appropriate for ages ten and younger) and receive a $25 gift card to Out of Print’s website.
  2. Donate $15 onsite and get a $25 gift card to Out of Print’s website — 100% of this donation will go to The NY Foundling.

The screening will also have prizes, Out of Print goodies for purchase, and an inspired Dickens eggnog cocktail!

Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol has seen numerous adaptations but none are as darkly strange as the Bill Murray helmed Scrooged. As Frank Moss, he plays a television station executive known as much for his callousness and cruelty as for his money-making programming. This Christmas he’s in for a real life lesson. On the eve (Christmas Eve) of hosting a live broadcast of A Christmas Carol, Moss is visited by three ghosts who, well, you know the story…

Happy Holidays from Booze & Books!