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Director: Sidney Lumet Run Time: 130 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1973

Starring: Al Pacino, Jack Kehoe, John Randolph

An honest cop blows the whistle on police corruption and faces a serious backlash from his fellow officers.

Based on a true story, Sidney Lumet’s Serpico centers around a cop (played by the powerhouse Al Pacino) who refuses to take any of the money his fellow cops extort from local criminals. Because of this, people of the force turn against him, putting him in dangerous situations and, basically, making his life completely miserable. For twelve years (from 1960 – 1972) Serpico remains true to his convictions, soldiering on knowing that one day the truth will be known…and it does eventually break wide open.

Brooklyn Based: Though filmed a lot in Manhattan, Serpico locations included the Williamsburg Bridge and a very near spot of South 8th Street (between Driggs and Bedford).

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