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Poster for Shakma
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Director: Hugh Parks, Tom Logan Run Time: 100 min. Format: 35mm Rating: R Release Year: 1990

Starring: Christopher Atkins, Ari Meyers, Amanda Wyss, Roddy McDowall, Typhoon

This October, The Deuce gets up to some seriously silly monkey business with the Ren-Faire-flirting simian scare: SHAKMA!

Drugged-up, thought to be dead but actually totally bat-shit pissed-off baboon goes ballistic on a bunch of boring med-student… LARPers!! Yes!! They’re LARPing! In the Med-Lab! With a murdering mad monkey afoot making mince-meat of most of those LARP-loving loonies!!

Inbetwixt tinkering inside baboon brains with the nebulous notion of “abating aggression” – Med-School Prof-In-Charge (Roddy McDowall literally phoning – or, rather, walkie-talkie-ing it in) prefers taking on the role of… The Dungeonmaster!! Live D & D-ing with his doofus dweeb doctors-to-be in regular sessions of laboratory lock-down LARP-fests! But one wrong hypo later and they got a bonkers baboon bogging down their “Save The Princess” shenanigans! And this mean be-maned monkey – despite his deceptively diminutive size –  is one surly shocker!! Banging on closed doors! Breaking all he gets his mitts on!! Mauling!! Murdering!! Banging on more closed doors! Said bat-shit baboon, Shakma, can’t be stopped!

Barely bigger than the rats scurrying under the flea-bitten feet of Times Square’s flummoxed Cine 42 “crowd” – Shakma portrayer – a baboon known as “Typhoon” by his handler buddies at “Action Animals” – is one tumultuous tornado of ferocious fury!! Flailing… screeching… scoffing – nigh, spitting – at Blue Lagoon’s Christopher Atkins’s sad-sack sap Sam’s attempts to “soothe” the beast… fuming with hatred and bloodlust!! Banging on all those closed doors with indescribable deliberation!! As the titular simian Typhoon tops his previous turn in Cronenberg’s The Fly – earning himself a title spot in “The 25 Best Animal Attacks In Movie History (with video)” !! The Deuce doesn’t monkey around!