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Shaolin and Wu Tang

Director: Gordon Liu Run Time: 87 min. Format: 35mm Rating: NR Release Year: 1983

Starring: Adam Cheng, Gordon Liu, Idy Chan, Li Ching

Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the SHAOLIN AND WU TANG could be dangerous. A 35mm presentation.

Besides being the namesake film of The Wu-Tang Clan, Shaolin and Wu Tang is a lit piece of dynamite from Hong Kong legend Gordon Liu. The film follows a tense rivalry between two competing schools of kung-fu: Shaolin shadowboxers and Wu Tang swordsmen. Threatened by the level of skill in both schools, a local warlord vows to master both styles of fighting and then force the two schools to destroy one another. It’s Machiavellian twists with a kung-fu grip, bring the ruckus!

Part of Nitehawk’s August KUNG FU THEATER midnite series.